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There's a [TRUE] low-level fractals run today for those working on Mawdrey. We'll start after the 4:00 PST Teq spawn–join if you need pristine relics!
True Guru Uh, OK, Yes we survived and got a relic. Not enamoured yet, but willing to do again. Thanks for putting it together. ...
Ari a Awesome fractal tonight! Guru, Lirael, Azra, Lysander (our newest TRUEbie), and Ari made the run and we had a great time...

Guild Boosts!

Ari a posted Jun 5, 14
Guild boosts are bonuses that all members get while they're representing TRUE.

If there is a boost or banner that you'd like us to make available, drop a post here to let the officers and leaders know. A list of available upgrades is here
We're glad you're here. If you are here to join TRUE, click the "Join TRUE" button just above to apply. Our officers are active across a number of time zones in both NA and EU, so one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you're a TRUEbie migrating over to the new site, register on the site and drop a comment on this post, and an officer will get you tagged as a member.  

Kaya Dreamwind Took me long enough, but I'm here now. I had been out of the game for quite awhile, but running with the guild tod...
True Guru Add me please, also I added 30 days to site, came up as anon.
AaronSteinmetz Love the new place. Roomy.